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New Firehole Door for 90775

Work is continuing at Chatham Steam in Kent on the boiler of WD 2-10-0 90775 with the construction of a new firehole door plate this week.

The original section was found to have a fine line stress crack, so it was agreed to remove the wasted section in its entirety and produce a new, stronger aperture. The door is formed of two parts - an inner and outer plate, the inner section being the one pictured. The outer half will be produced as part of the renewals on the backhead.

This work shows the great skill of the craftsmen at Chatham steam. In this instance, sheet steel is heated up to very high temperatures before forming into the radius required. The plate is then trimmed to fit the portion of the inner firebox and then tack welded in place, before full penetration welding. All welds are subject to Non Destructive Testing to satisfy the weld quality is up to standard.

This work forms part of the first phase of work on the WD's boiler. This is a massive undertaking for the M&GN Joint Railway Society, so please consider supporting 90775's overhaul by joining either The Loco Club (details can be found on the 'Join' page, making a donation (Cheques made payable to "M&GNJRS") or getting involved and volunteering with the Society to assist with fundraising. All help and support is very gratefully received.


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