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WD Overhaul Update

Three of the five driving and coupled axle horn guides and associated axle boxes have ow been completed, and it is now anticipated the engine chassis should be ready for re-wheeling by about mid-January 2016, with the pony truck overhaul already completed and waiting.

5th November 2015

Work on the boiler overhaul repairs is virtually complete with only the blow down flange and a few washout plugs to fit. The dome lid and two blanking plates need also to be fitted as part of preparations for hydraulic test in December.

The super heater elements then need hydraulic testing before being fitted.

The boiler fittings have been examined and a schedule of work required to overhaul them has been produced.

The chassis overhaul is progressing with the replating and machining of all the horn guide faces complete along with work to the axleboxes. Work has now started to hand fit the axle boxes into their respective horn guides. The defective rivets found in the frames have been replaced and the chassis is being prepared for painting.

Once this work has been competed the engine chassis can be re-wheeled.

The work required to overhaul the tender has been determined and a quote received from NNR Engineering Department for this work along with the cost to build a new ashpan. Work still to do includes repairs to the cab, boiler cladding, lubrication systems, brakes, then the return of the boiler into the frames, reconnection of pipework then further steam testing.


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