Richard Spicker

Society Secretary

I retired in 2013 after a career spanning 35 years as a solicitor, initially in private practice, then local government and for the last 28 years, with Aviva (Norwich Union as was). Whilst I am not afraid of getting my hands dirty, I have to admit that my skill set relates more to commercial transactions and business administration. After assisting the board on a few matters after I retired, I was proud to be asked to become a trustee in September 2015.Now, I am responsible for arranging and minuting the Society's board meetings and AGM, preparing contracts (such as the Society's office lease and those for the hire of our locos) as well as advising on an ever-increasing raft of regulation affecting our activities. I am also a volunteer steward at the Society’s museum in Holt, something which appeals to my keen interest in railway history. Away from the railway, my other interests include exploring the inland waterways on the narrow boat my wife and I own, walking, fishing, canoeing and watching wildlife. I am also an unswerving (and most would say misguided!) supporter of the England cricket team and Grimsby Town FC.