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Early Society Footage Sought

18th December 2012

We're on the lookout for old films and footage relating to the M&GN Joint Railway Society and ask all our members and supporters to dig deep into their archives.

Film footage of the M&GN Joint Railway Society in it's embryonic days is rare and hard to come by. We're on the lookout for all old film footage, especially old amatuer homemade films for use as part of a new film which is due to appear in 2013 and also for our archives in the William Marriott Museum.

Anything and everything is welcome, from the early days of the North Norfolk Railway in the late 1950s through to the late 1990s when the B12 returned to traffic, plus film footage relating to many of the railtours run by the M&GN Joint Railway Society in the 1960s and 1970s.

If you think you may have footage of interest, no matter how insignificant or short, please email

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New Staircase for Sheringham East

14th December 2012

Work to restore Sheringham East Signalbox to it's former glory is continuing with the arrival and fitting of the new staircase which has been manufactured off site by carpentry firm Northmark.

The staircase is an accurate replica of the original that used to allow access to the 'box and features the original M&GN step nosings along with several newly cast ones. The 'box is now used as the NNR's Operating Office although it may find further operational use in the future.

The move and restoration of Sheringham East 'box has been due to a very generous donation from a kind benefactor. If you would like to make a donation to a project on the North Norfolk Railway, please contact a Trustee of the Society, or email with an initial enquiry.

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Joint Line Issue 156 Posted

13th December 2012

Joint Line issue 156 has been posted to members.

This edition includes:
- M&GN & NNR News.
- Summer Gala review, including the visit of 60163 Tornado.
- Adrian Vaughan's latest instalment focusing on Melton Constable to Cromer.
- ex-M&GN Fireman Ray Bullock recounts working B12s on the footplate.
- Photographs of B12s in the 1950s by Brian Pask.

Joint Line is the journal of the M&GN Joint Railway Society. It is a full colour, award winning publication posted to quarterly to all members. If you would like to receive Joint Line, please consider becoming a member of the Society.

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J15 AVR Charter and Santas

9th December 2012

The J15 has been kept busy on the Avon Valley Railway during November and will be in use again this December.

On the 11th November, the J15 was steamed for a Martin Creese photocharter which saw it hauling an excellent pre-grouping freight train. The charter produced some atmospheric night time shots at the AVR's Bitton station.

The AVR have continued to use the J15 for their Santa Special services. The locomotive will be in use for the 10th, 22nd, 23rd and 24th December. For more information on these, please visit the AVR website:

Photos from the photocharter and the AVR's first Santa Special on the 8th December can be viewed by clicking the photo, left.

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Sheringham East 'Box Progress

7th December 2012

Work is continuing on Sheringham East Signalbox with the repair and construction of the new 'box stairs. Carpentry firm Northmark, based in Sleaford (who produced our M&GN replica level crossing gates) have been working on the new staircase off site with the intention to fit them on the 12th & 13th December.

When the 'box was moved from its original location next to Station Road onto Platform two, the stairs were shortened to compensate for the 'box standing at a lower height. Now that it is standing on a new brick base, it is necessary to reconstruct the staircase to allow for the access to the box at a higher level. Along with the construction of the additional staircase, the opportunity has also been taken to conduct repairs to the existing staircase. The Society has also given a grant to pay for the casting of several new replica M&GN step nosings, to account for the increased number of steps on the new staircase.

The move and restoration of Sheringham East 'box has been due to a very generous donation from a kind benefactor. If you would like to make a donation to a project on the North Norfolk Railway, please contact a Trustee of the Society, or email with an initial enquiry.

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Brief History of Sheringham East

23rd November 2012

The relocation of Sheringham East signalbox back to Station Road forms the most recent part of an interesting history of signalling at Sheringham.

Sheringham Station was first opened on the 16th June 1887 by the Eastern and Midlands Railway. The E&M later amalgamated to become the M&GN Joint Railway. Initially Sheringham station was controlled by one central signalbox located on platform two. As traffic increased, the Sheringham station layout was remodelled and resignalled in 1906. Under this scheme, two signalboxes were constructed. Sheringham West controlled the entrance to the single line section that led to Weybourne, Holt and Melton Constable and worked with Weybourne signalbox, or Holt if Weybourne was switched out.

Sheringham East signalbox was built at the same time and controlled the entrance to the single line section towards Cromer. Initially the box worked with Runton West Junction, then Runton East Junction after the closure of the Runton triangle before finally working with Cromer Beach signalbox after resignalling at Cromer. The East 'box also controlled the wooden gates by a gate wheel over Station Road.

In 1966, BR closed both Sheringham station and Sheringham East box, with train services terminating at a new wooden platform built on the Cromer side of the road. This is the platform which serves trains on the national network and services began using this station in January 1967.

Following closure, the council wished to widen station road. It was at this time that Sheringham East signalbox was saved from demolition and in July 1972 volunteers from the North Norfolk Railway moved it to the site on platform two. The signalbox has stood at this location for just over forty years and until 2011 was open as a museum signalbox, complete with the original frame and block instruments. After planning and construction of a new brick base, the signalbox was moved to the new location by the rebuilt Sheringham level crossing where it will stand for years to come.

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Sheringham East Signal Box Moved

20th November 2012

After months of planning and thanks to a donation from a volunteer, Sheringham East signalbox has finally been moved from platform two on Sheringham station to a new and final resting place atop a new brick base very near to it's original location.

Sheringham originally had only one signalbox, which was a tall structure located on platform two alongside the adjacent buildings. After later remodelling, Sheringham gained two signalboxes, named Sheringham East and Sheringham West. Sheringham West 'box was situated close to where the existing Sheringham West signalbox now stands (the existing structure was reclaimed from Wensum Jnc, Norwich). Sheringham East 'box controlled a set of wooden gates worked by a gate wheel over Station Road. The double track station lines were worked under 'Absolute Block' regulations, with the lines towards Cromer and Melton Constable being worked by Electric Token Block.

After BR closed Sheringham station, Sheringham East 'box was under threat, so volunteers moved it to Platform two in 1972, where it has since stood for just over forty years. As the next stage of the level crossing reinstatement, it was decided to move the 'box back closer to its original position. The current site inside the new crossing gates was chosen as it met the balance of historical authenticity versus general practicality, added to the fact that the new crossing gates were already in situ and would be expensive and costly to move.

Sheringham East signalbox was first craned onto a low loader, which drove the 500 yards towards the new site, where the crane was set up again to lift it onto the base. As the lorry moved the 'box towards the new site, a new arrival in the form of the tender from Standard 4MT 76084 arrived, which will be transported to Weybourne works to finish outstanding work.

The 'box will requires some repairs and will be restored and repainted in due course. The joinery firm Northmark (who built the replica crossing gates) has been tasked with construction of a new set of 'box stairs.

B12 to visit G&WR

18th November 2012

We can proudly announce that the B12 will be visiting the Gloucestershire & Warwickshire Railway during May for their 'Cotswold Steam Celebration'.

This will be the first time the B12 specifically visited another preserved railway since returning to traffic in March 2012 and will be hauling her first passenger trains away from the NNR in over five years.

This event is a major milestone for the G&WR who have suffered major setbacks with multiple landslips over the past few years. The B12 will be steaming alongside other G&WR resident locomotives and will be representing the LNER and Eastern Region for the 'big four' theme.

More information can be found on the G&WR Website (

New M&GN Website Launched

9th November 2012

After many months working away behind the scenes, we can now proudly announce the launch of our new website.

We hope you find it easy to navigate. Everything is divided into eight categories: Home, News, Join, About, Locomotives, Rolling Stock, Museum and Shop. Under each of these categories is a further menu, with more information therein.

Any comments and queries regarding the new website can be directed to the webmaster. Details are on the Contact Us page.

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WD 90775 Boiler Lifted

26th October 2012

WD 90775 moved a step closer to overhaul with the removal of her boiler at Weybourne on Friday 26th October.

The locomotive's boiler has been removed to allow it to be inspected at Chatham Steam in Kent to allow an assesment on what work is required. The locomotive failed a boiler inspection in 2009 and has not steamed since.

Click on the photo, left to view photographs of the boiler lift taking place.

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Avon Valley Gala Appearance for J15

22nd October 2012

The M&GN Society's J15 7564 was in service for the Avon Valley Railway's end of season gala over the weekend of the 20th & 21st October 2012.

7564 worked a variety of passenger and freight trains over the four mile line and was a popular visitor.

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J15 on hire to the Avon Valley

15th October 2012

The M&GN Society's J15, no.7564 will be on hire to the Avon Valley Railway for an extended stay from mid-October through to early January. The locomotive will feature in their 'End of Season Gala' on the 20th & 21st October. The locomotive will then stay on the Railway to work their Santa and Christmas special trains.

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Members' Day 2012

6th October 2012

Saturday 6th October saw members of the M&GN Society enjoy the third annual Society members' day. In service were B12 8572, hauling the Quad-Arts, Class 31 D5631 on a Mk.I set and J15 7564 on the 'Society Special' with four Joint Heritage Coach Fund vehicles in tow, including M&GN No.129.

The day was very well patronised, with over 400 members enjoying free travel on the Railway for the day.

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Joint Line Refreshed for Issue 155

1st October 2012

Joint Line, the journal of the M&GN Society has been given a new look for Issue 155.

The journal will now be printed in a 260mm x 190mm format, which is slightly larger than the existing edition. Joint Line has gone through a number of changes over the years which has seen it move from a few articles to the high quality, award winning publication of today.

Issue 155 also marks a first for the publication - it is now in full colour throughout.

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NNR Autumn Steam Gala 2012

4th September 2012

Record passenger numbers were recorded in the wake of 'The Tornado Effect' after another superb Steam Gala on the NNR. Alongside the star engine were all the home fleet. J15 7564 was paired with the Quad-Arts for the weekend, making a sublime sight. Class 31 D5631 was also in use over the weekend to substitute Black 5 45379 which was cancelled last minute due to axlebox issues.

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Wissington First Passenger Trains

27th July 2012

A momentous step in Wissington's history occured on 27th July 2012, after she hauled her first passenger train in preservation on the Mid-Suffolk Light Railway at Brockford.

Preceeding this, for ten years a group of volunteers have soldiered to rebuild Wissington from a kit of parts. Costing £70,000, Wissington's overhaul began ten years ago. After being towed to Weybourne, in 1998, the locomotive was dismantled. After fundraising, the boiler and chassis were taken to Mervyn Mayes boilershop at Yaxham. After the boiler passed a series of examinations, the engine arrived back in Sheringham in December 2010 and was moved to Weybourne to complete the restoration.

Following some test runs on the NNR, the locomotive narrowly met it's request to work on the MSLR and worked passenger, freight and engineering trains during the MSLR's first ever Steam Gala on the 27th, 28th & 29th July. Wissington will then stay at 'The Middy' for the remainder of the year as the line provides a perfect opportunity for the loco to be run in.

2012 Members' Day Announced

15th July 2012

The M&GN Society's annual Members' day will be held on Saturday 6th October, 2012.

The day marks 125 years since the line from Holt to Sheringham was opened. As much of the Society's locomotives and rolling stock will run as is possible.

The M&GN Circle will have a display of relevant artefacts at Sheringham and the Junior Club will be putting on displays at Weybourne. There will also be shed tours, which are free to Loco Club members. At Holt, the NNR Education Department will be opening the Railway Cottage.

Adrian Vaughan will be giving slide shows in the Railway Institute and the Museum will be open and showing relevant items to the anniversary.

There will be free travel for members on an intensive service. We look forward to welcoming you all on the day. Please ensure that you bring your membership card with you as proof of entitlement.

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16T Mineral Wagon Appeal

3rd July 2012

After an appeal in Joint Line for funds to purchase a 16 ton Mineral Wagon, the Society has now purchased and transported the wagon to Weybourne.

However, we now need to raise more funds to pay for repairs to the chassis, axleboxes and to purchase materials to rebuild some of the upper wagon structure. Volunteers have already begun the task of cleaning and descaling the wagon but work will not be able to proceed without further financial support.

If you would like to support the 16T Mineral Wagon appeal, please send a cheque (Payable to M&GNJRS) to:

M&GN Society 16T Appeal,
Sheringham Station (NNR),
NR26 8RA

2012 AGM Announced

29th May 2012

The Midland and Great Northern Society Annual General Meeting has been announced. Details are as follows:

To be held at the The Morley Club, 48 Cromer Road, Sheringham, NR26 8RS. Saturday the 14th July 2012 at 13:15. All members welcome.

Loco Club First Anniversary

1st April 2012

The Loco Club celebrated 12 months of operation over the spring Steam Gala in March. After being launched at the 2011 spring gala, the Club now boasts over 100 members - all of whom have made a massive difference in supporting the cost of locomotive maintenance and overhauls.

Members give a minimum of £2 a month to the loco(s) of their choice and in return, members are regularly updated on the latest loco news through 'The Locomotive', the Newsletter of the Loco Club. Every member can also be safe in the knowledge they've 'done their bit' to keep our locos alive and working. From time to time, there are also opportunities for Loco Club members to ride on the footplate and members are also invited on pre-arranged shed tours.

If you would like to join, either pick up a leaflet or visit the Loco Club section on this website.

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B12 'On the Quads'

15th March 2012

Following a massively successful 2012 spring Steam Gala, which featured our magnificently restored B12, a selection of photographs have been posted of the B12 hauling the Quad-Arts. Click on the B12 image, left, to see more. A video of the NNR's Autumn Steam Gala can also be found below:

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B12 Members' Launch Day

8th March 2012

To celebrate the return to traffic of our sole-surving Apple Green 4-6-0, B12 8572, the M&GN Society organised a special 'thank you' for Society members on Thursday 8th March, 2012.

Invited guests included, contributors to the overhaul, contractors who carried out works on the locomotive, dignitaries and members of the press. Alongside 8572, the J15 was back in traffic.

The J15 had undergone a retube over the winter to enable it to run in its centenary year. Built in 1912, the locomotive was reliveried into LNER Black, numbered 7564 to mark the occasion.

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Wissington Steam Tested

20th February 2012

Another milestone in Wissington's restoration came when the locomotive was lit and brought into light steam on the 19th February.

This was to test all of the valves, joints and pipework that had been fitted in the previous weeks. The locomotive successfully reached a boiler pressure of 100psi but did not move under steam. It was returned to Weybourne shed in the afternoon to rectify severaul faults that were found during the process.

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J15 into LNER Black

15th January 2012

The M&GN Society's J15 celebrates its 100th year in 2012. To mark this, the Stratford-built locomotive's boiler has been retubed to allow it to steam for the remainder of the year and is being repainted into LNER black, numbered 7564. The last time the locomotive carried this livery was back in the mid-1980s, in the days when the line only used to run as far as Weybourne.

The locomotive has been repainted by volunteers in Weybourne shed over the winter months and will be officially unveiled at the M&GN Society's B12 Launch day on the 8th March. The J15 will then feature in the NNR's spring Steam Gala.

The repaint is dubbed by volunteers as a true 'Stratford job', with only the top half of the locomotive being repainted. Despite this, it really does look the part.

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