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Society Steam Dream

28th April 2013

Everything fell into place on Friday 19th April, with a rare opportunity to line up all three M&GN Joint Railway Society locomotives in steam in Weybourne yard.

After undergoing some works in Weybourne shed, Wissington was in steam and had undergone a test run light engine to Sheringham. Before being disposed, she was kept in steam to shunt J15 7564 which was in light steam in readiness to work the next day's passenger trains. B12 8572 had been out working the day's steam service and was positioned on the main line, making a fine sight in glorious spring evening sunshine.

J15 Swan Song

28th April 2013

Despite it being published that the J15's last steamings would be from the 20th - 26th April, there will now be one more week to see her in service before her boiler ticket expires on the 6th May 2013.

The North Norfolk Railway have requested the locomotive be in traffic right up to the end of her ticket. Subject to completion of a washout and successful steam test, it is aimed to have the locomotive in traffic on Wednesday 1st May (please note this may be pushed back to Thursday 2nd May - check the with the NNR if traveling) through until Monday 6th May.

The NNR are running a Yellow Timetable throughout early May, however please note that the 4th, 5th & 6th May will be a 'Day out with Thomas' event.

After expiry of her boiler ticket, the J15 will be withdrawn for a heavy general overhaul. If you'd like to help support the cost her overhaul, you can do this in one of several ways:
- Make a donation (cheques payable to 'M&GNJRS')
- Join the J15 '200' Club
- Join the Loco Club
- Volunteer with the Society

Information on the J15 '200' Club and Loco Club can be found under the Join page and information on Volunteering can be found under the About section.

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B12 Gets a Spring Clean

27th April 2013

On Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st April, volunteers assembled en-masse at Weybourne, tasked with giving B12 8572 a well earned deep clean and polish. The B12 has been in Weybourne shed since November undergoing some stay replacement and attention to her valves, so a thorough clean was badly needed. 8572's apple green paintwork takes quite a bit of TLC to keep immaculate, but is well worth the effort to keep it clean.

The cleaning gang was joined by the NNR Junior Club on the Saturday, who showed much promise and even showed up a few of the adults in their attention to the details - no doubt in a few years we'll be seeing many of them progressing through the ranks.

The weekend was braced with wall to wall sunshine and was enjoyed by all. If you'd like to get involved and volunteer with the cleaning gang, you can find more information on our Volunteering page (under the About section) for further details on how to do so. We're always welcome to helping hands, no matter what your commitment. The gangs meet once a month and it can be a very fun and sociable way to spend a day. The next meeting will be on Saturday 18th May, the intention being to give the loco a clean in readiness for her visit to the Gloucestershire & Warwickshire Railway from 26th - 28th May.

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Suburbans Get HLF Go-Ahead

25th April 2013

Press release from the North Norfolk Railway:

The North Norfolk Railway has received £99,500 from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) towards its project 'The Railways and the Suburbs', which focuses on the impact which the railways had on the development of the London suburbs.

It will include an exhibition to enable visitors to learn about how the railways influenced the growth of the suburbs, and about the technologies involved in the design of locomotives and carriages specifically for suburban commuting.

North Norfolk Railway already operates a substantial education programme involving local schools. This project will add significantly to its existing geography, history and science elements, and will also give volunteers the chance to experience the two extremes of preservation: hands-on restoration and the management of a major scheme.

The project includes the restoration of two carriages introduced for suburban travel. These will complement vehicles already on the railway and allow visitors to travel on three generations of suburban trains dating from the '20s to the '60s.

North Norfolk Railway chairman Clive Morris said: "We are thrilled to have received the support of the Heritage Lottery Fund, and are confident that the project will further the public's understanding of a vital aspect of everyday life for millions."

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New Firehole Door for 90775

24th April 2013

Work is continuing at Chatham Steam in Kent on the boiler of WD 2-10-0 90775 with the construction of a new firehole door plate this week.

The original section was found to have a fine line stress crack, so it was agreed to remove the wasted section in its entirety and produce a new, stronger aperture. The door is formed of two parts - an inner and outer plate, the inner section being the one pictured. The outer half will be produced as part of the renewals on the backhead.

This work shows the great skill of the craftsmen at Chatham steam. In this instance, sheet steel is heated up to very high temperatures before forming into the radius required. The plate is then trimmed to fit the portion of the inner firebox and then tack welded in place, before full penetration welding. All welds are subject to Non Destructive Testing to satisfy the weld quality is up to standard.

This work forms part of the first phase of work on the WD's boiler. This is a massive undertaking for the M&GN Joint Railway Society, so please consider supporting 90775's overhaul by joining either The Loco Club (details can be found on the 'Join' page, making a donation (Cheques made payable to "M&GNJRS") or getting involved and volunteering with the Society to assist with fundraising. All help and support is very gratefully received.

Sheringham East Signal Box Fire

22nd April 2013

Sheringham East signal box was damaged by fire this morning after a car parked behind the Signal Box caught fire.

Very fortunately, no one was hurt in the incident and the signal box was evacuated. There has been some damage to the rear of the signal box and the fencing. It is understood the fire began with an electrical fault in a parked car, which caught and spread.

The M&GN Joint Railway Society would like to express thanks to those who rang the emergency services promptly and to the Norfolk Fire Service and Norfolk Constabulary for their actions in dealing with the incident.

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J15 Final Steamings Announced

17th April 2013

The M&GN Joint Railway Society's 101 year old J15 0-6-0 is coming to the end of her ten year boiler ticket at the end of the month. This sadly means that the locomotive will be withdrawn for overhaul shortly - however we have secured some extra steamings to see her out in fine style!

Our centenarian J15 was built in 1912 at Stratford works and had a long working life all over East Anglia. Nicknamed by crews the 'Little Black Goods', our locomotive was eventually withdrawn on 16th September 1962, whereby it was purchased by the then embryonic Society. After steaming in the 1980s and working the first train on the 'Kelling Extension', to what we now call Holt station, the locomotive was withdrawn from traffic. Thanks to the determination of our supporters and volunteers, she steamed once again in 2002 and has been in traffic ever since, but sadly now we must withdraw her from traffic once again to undertake her next heavy general overhaul.

When 7564 returns to steam, she will no longer be a J15. It is our intention to restore the locomotive to original 1912-as built condition as a Great Eastern Railway Y14. This will involve fabricating a new smokebox door, manufacturing a new cab roof and safety valve cover, removing the coal rails on the tender and replacing her original 'stovepipe' chimney, before repainting into an immaculate GER Blue livery. She really will be a sight to behold!

To see our beloved J15 out for one last time, she will be in steam from the Saturday 20th April to Friday 26th April. Day-to-day locomotive rosters on the NNR can be found on the 'Whats Running' page on the NNR Website. Don't forget, M&GN Joint Society members can take advantage of 70% discount on travel, subject to conditions.

After the 26th April, the J15 will be withdrawn and she will not steam again without your help. If you'd like to support her overhaul, you can do this in one of several ways:
- Make a donation (cheques payable to 'M&GNJRS')
- Join the J15 '200' Club
- Join the Loco Club
- Volunteer with the Society

Information on the J15 '200' Club and Loco Club can be found under the Join page and information on Volunteering can be found under the About section.

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16 Ton Mineral Wagon Update

9th April 2013

The Joint Heritage Coach Fund (JHCF)'s latest project is rapidly taking shape inside Weybourne shed.

The project to completely rebuild the Society's latest aquisition, a British Railways 16 Ton Mineral Wagon, has been thanks to the many who donated to the project to enable the purchase and restoration of the wagon. This has been backed up by many hours of volunteer time to completely strip the wagon down to it's bare components and make necessary repairs.

Our 16T Mineral wagon originally languished on the King's Lynn Harbour branch for many years, slowly rotting to nothing, before it was purchased by a private owner and stored in sidings at Hardingham station, on the Mid-Norfolk Railway. It was from here, that following an appeal for donations, the JHCF secured it and transported it back to Weybourne where the overhaul began immediately.

The project is now in its final stages. Following the refitting of the brake rigging, construction of a new steel deck, axleboxes and wheelsets, the wagon body is now being refitted and will be repainted into original BR Bauxite livery. It is hoped the wagon will be in use for the September 2013 Steam Gala when the demonstration freight will be running.

Alongside restoring the Society's collection of historic carriages, the Joint Heritage Coach Fund's next freight wagon project will be to restore our recently aquired 'AF' Container, that has now been secured to our already restored 'Conflat' wagon. The container needs repairs made to it's roof and body to ensure long term preservation. Once restored it will be a valuable addition to our ever growing demonstration freight train, whilst also offering a useful space to store strategic spares for our locomotives, carriages and wagons.

If you would like to donate towards the cost of restoring our AF container, or to any other JHCF project, you can send a cheque, made payable to "M&GNJRS" to: M&GNJRS, Sheringham Station (NNR), Sheringham, Norfolk, NR26 8RA. Alternatively, if you would like to make a bank transfer or credit/debit card donation, or to find out more information about how to volunteer and get involved restoring our carriages and wagons you can email enquiries to

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