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Freeze on Y14

30th June 2014

Don't worry - nothing is on hold for the overhaul of our J15/Y14 locomotive! In fact it's quite the contrary, because brand new parts for our J15 7564 / Y14 564 loco have been in the chiller to continue with the fast pace of works on the overhaul of the loco.

The engine, which has been under overhaul at the Riley & Son (E) workshops of Bury, Lancashire has had new cylinder liners fitted this week. This dramatic process involves cooling the spun cast liners in liquid nitrogen, which has a boiling point of -196 degrees C (−321 degrees F). This extreme cooling allows the liners to sufficiently contract, allowing them to be slid into position inside the cylinder casting.

The operation is one of skill, good judgement and quick timing, for if the liners warm sufficiently, they become wedged inside the cylinder bores and the only way to remove them is by machining them out and starting from scratch. Needless to say, the operation to fit new liners to the J15 / Y14 was a successful operation.

A full set of photographs covering the operation can be viewed by clicking the thumbnail, left - and you can also watch a short video of the work on Youtube or on our Y14:2014 appeal page.

The appeal total for the Y14:2014 appeal stands at over £70,000 - and donations are still coming in thick and fast, helping us reach ever nearer to our £100,000 target. Help us achieve our goal and get the Y14 back in steam for 2014 by donating today.

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Diesel Club Launch Success

29th June 2014

The Weybourne Traction Group Diesel Club celebreated a fantastically successful launch over the Traction Group's second annual Diesel Gala event.

The club launched over the Diesel Gala weekend, and has been established to radically change the way Diesel locomotives and multiple units are funded. For the first time since it was established over two years ago, members of the public can now officially join and support the Weybourne Traction Group, which promotes NNR diesel running days and events such as the Diesel Gala.

Through joining and supporting the club, members' contribitions will help to support the increased maintenance, overhaul and improvement of the Diesel traction fleet on the North Norfolk Railway, of which a Class 03, 11, 25, 31 & 37, plus a Class 101 Diesel Multiple Unit (DMU) and German-build Diesel Railbus (DRB) are included in the scheme.

Thanks to the great start, members' contributions are already swelling the coffers and will enable us to grant funds to the first Weybourne Traction Group Diesel Club sponsored project. We have a great deal of work ahead of us, with bodywork repairs due to both the Class 31 and Class 25 along with a comprehensive overhaul ongoing with the Class 101 DMU, of which the power car is currently under overhaul.

So if you would like to help see us complete these projects, others like them and show your support for the Weybourne Traction Group, get involved today and join the Diesel Club!

Full details, including downloadable forms can be found on the Diesel Club page.

Membership Fee Changes for 2015

12th June 2014

The M&GN Joint Railway Society has announced that from 1st January 2015, membership fees will be marginally increased.

The Society has resisted increasing fees for several years, with the current rate held since 2010, but with significant cost increases in recent times, the Trustees of the Society now feel it appropriate that fees should more closely reflect the costs incurred to run the Society whilst also bringing our membership fees in line with many of the other premier heritage Railways of Britain.

Membership Fees are a core tenant of our income, which helps us undertake all of the massive and varied projects in support of the North Norfolk Railway, from loco overhauls, Carriage and Wagon restorations and offering grant funding for NNR civil engineering projects, right through to funding our activities in the William Marriott Museum at Holt, along with covering the cost of printing and distributing Joint Line. From 2015, annual adult membership will be £22, seniors £20, joint adult £33, joint senior £30, family £43 and junior £10. The full schedule of current membership fees is available on the 'Join' section of this website.

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Joint Line Issue 162 Posted

12th June 2014

The 162nd issue of Joint Line, the Society's quaterly magazine has been posted to all members.

The Summer 2014 issue gives updates from all departments on the North Norfolk Railway and Society, with the latest news including a report from the NNR's managing director Hugh Harkett, which carries an upbeat message about the performance of not just the Railway but the new Restoration and Overhauls business. The good news continues with reports on a number of NNR events proving successful. On the locomotive front there is an in depth report by Keith Ashford on the work being carried out to make the J15 a GER Y14 class locomotive with many photos and the other locomotives have not been forgotten, particularly the Standard 4 and the Black 5. Carriage and Wagon has the usual updates to the work on the coaches and the Society's coaches and wagons, whilst the signalling is being covered in more detail mostly through the use of photos.

There are two articles that look back to the First World War. Dave King's 'From the Sidings' shows some of the paperwork in the William Marriott Museum's collection regarding the changes to working practice as a consequence of going to war and the effects of the war. The Melton Constable memorial, that names the dead of local people in two world wars, has amongst those mentioned many M&GN employees. In the first or two parts, Chris Harley has researched all those on the memorial to give a fuller picture of their, sometimes brief, lives. The historical section is completed by another Adrian Vaughan article on the M&GN's locomotives and drivers and Doug Watts rounds up his look at the 'Leicester'.

Joint Line is the quarterly magazine of the M&GN Joint Railway Society and is posted quarterly to all 3000 members. It is one of the UK's highest quality railway journals and is one of many membership benefits of joining the M&GN Joint Railway Society.

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D is for Diesel!

9th June 2014

The M&GN Joint Railway Society and North Norfolk Railway will be firing on all cylinders next weekend with the annual Summer Diesel Gala event, which is organised by the Weybourne Traction Group. The Muddle and Go Nowhere Real Ale bar car will be out in force for it's second big event of the year, with the focus on the special evening 'Beerex' trains which run on Friday and Saturday night. These special trains run four four round trips, running non-stop between Sheringham and Holt giving a fantastic experience, especially with draught real ale and Fish & Chips available for passengers to enjoy on the move.

The event also marks the official launch of the brand new Weybourne Traction Group Diesel Club, which for the first time gives supporters of NNR Diesel traction a chance to join the Weybourne Traction Group and support the majority of diesel traction on the NNR, including the Society's own Class 31. (You can still of course support D5631 through the Loco Club). There will be a raffle for three footplate passes, to use on a date to be agreed in advance, which will be awarded to members who join the club before the 30th June 2014.

The Society's Class 31 will of course be in service during the event, with it booked to work on Friday and Saturday.

Due to last minute changes in the lineup, Class 50 50007 will now no longer work. This is stated as due to circumstances outside the NNR or the Weybourne Traction Group's control. Additionally, it has been reported that testing and commissioning works on Class 25 25057 cannot be completed in time for the event, so this locomotive will also not been in use.

It's not all bad news though, as Class 14 from the East Lancashire Railway has been sourced to replace both these engines and will work the trains which 25057 was booked to work along with the Friday evening Beerex specials. This is the first time a Class 14 or a Diesel-Hydraulic has worked on the NNR, and will also be the first time a heritage Railway has put on a fleet of seven BR green locos for a gala event.

Further information on the Diesel Gala, including downloadable timetables can be found on the NNR Website Diesel Gala page.

Introducing the Diesel Club

3rd June 2014

The M&GN Joint Railway Society and North Norfolk Railway are proud to announce the official launch of a brand new fundraising club for diesel traction permantently based on the NNR.

The Weybourne Traction Group Diesel Club has been established to raise funds for much of the NNR's Diesel fleet, giving a fantastic boost to the investment, maintenance and overhaul of the majority of diesel traction on the NNR. The club also offers, for the first time a chance for supporters of the Diesel scene on the NNR to join and become members of the well-established Weybourne Traction Group which is the NNR's Diesel operations champion and volunteer-run promotion group which publishes running day information along with organising special events.

The club will be officially launched over the Diesel Gala event over the 13th to 15th June 2014.

For all new members joining up to 30th June 2014, there will be a special raffle of three footplate ride passes for new members. All members who join before this date will be automatically entered into the prize draw. The footplate ride pass allows for the travel in the cab of a diesel loco, multiple unit (or steam if preferable) on a day to be aranged in advance. Full details will be passed to the lucky three winners in due course.

Membership is obtained through a monthly banker's order of £2 per month, with the preffered amount being £5 a month or more. Full details on the club can be found on the Diesel Club page of the website. To join, download an application form or pick up a leaflet at any NNR station.

Volunteering Open Day

3rd June 2014

Have you ever wanted to volunteer on the NNR but never been sure where to start? Well, come along to a volunteer's Open Day on Saturday 7th June at Holt to find out more about the roles available to volunteer for on the Railway.

There are over 500 volunteers on the North Norfolk Railway, each of them does their bit to run our charming and friendly heritage railway in beautiful North Norfolk. The event opens the doors of the Railway to show you some of the jobs that can be done on the Railway and gives participants a chance to get an idea of what volunteering is like without commitment or obligation.

The event is held at the 'Railway Institute' at Holt - this is the building immediately on the right hand side as you drive through the station gates. The entrance door is nearest the road.

The day's event has a special focus on the roles available for station staff for all three stations and other "clean hands" roles, although attendees will be more than welcome to enquire about other roles on the NNR.

There will be two sessions, giving an introduction to the Railway and it's environ. The first begins at 0945, the second at 1330, starting with the most important Rule Book observation you'll need to know on the Railway - Rule 0 (That's a cup of tea in layman's terms!). There is no need to book - just arrive in good time and you will be immediately welcomed - ask for Richard Edwards at the Railway Institute at Holt if you need directions or get lost!

Each session will last around three to three and a half hours in total, during this time attendees will be shown round all three stations by the Station Masters at each station to see what roles are available and to meet some friendly faces. After the tour around the Railway, attendees will return to Holt for further information and a chance to sign up there and then - and if you really like it, a chance to sort out a first date to start volunteering on the NNR. You won't regret it!

If you'd like to find out more information on volunteering before the workshops on the Open Day, you can find out more details about volunteering with the Society on this website, and on the North Norfolk Railway website.

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