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AGM Minutes

1st October 2018

Minutes from the Society's AGM on 14 July 2018 can be viewed here. These will be presented to the 2019 AGM for approval.

Members Day

27th September 2018

Time Table for Saturday 6th October

All the fleet will be present but unfortunately our Class 31 will not be ready in time and is being covered by Class 20, however it can be seen on the shed tours (with at least 1 coat of paint on). At 16:55 There will be a 'cavalcade' of all Society owned steam engines leaving Sheringham to Weybourne. As ever, there is the usual caveat, 'providing nothing happens beyond our control'.

Please remember that you will need to bring your membership cards on the day for free travel.

Click here for the time table.

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Class 31 Update

31st August 2018

The Class 31 diesel has now taken up residence on the staging section of the Carriage and Wagon workshop. There seems to be more people working on it now that there has been for some time! Half of the team appeared to be wielding paint brushes and the other half sandpaper and it is starting to look like a locomotive again! One roof section, all painted and ready to go, has yet to be fitted. This is the "fiddly one" which bolts to the engine exhaust, but we are assured "It came off, it will go back on".

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Gresley Buffet Car Update

16th August 2018

The Gresley Buffet Car has arrived somewhat earlier than expected at Weybourne. Nigel Scarlett immediately set to work removing the blown panels to investigate the state of the body timbers. We will keep you abreast of the situation on the task as work progresses.

A successful year for M&GNJR Society

16th July 2018

The Society held a well-attended AGM at the Morley Club in Sheringham on July 14.

Members had a detailed printed report mailed to them in advance of the meeting, outlining the features of a highly successful year with strong financial performance and many highlights. These included the B12's visits to the Great Central and Severn Valley railways, the naming of WD 90775 as "The Royal Norfolk Regiment" and Wissington's visits to the Colne Valley and her Summer residence at the Beamish Museum. The Y14 continues to be a great favourite on the NNR and is to be seen at the head of the railway's Vintage Set which runs as an additional train on a number of days in the Summer period. Progress on the Class 31, a major project, proceeds well and it is hoped to be the star attraction at Members' Day on October 6th.

This year has seen the return to traffic of the Society's unique Gresley Quad-Art set following the painstaking task of stripping, varnishing and repainting - very impressive it looks too and popular with passengers during the NNR's Suburban Week in early July.

Membership remains healthy and the Society publication "Norfolk's Railways 1927 - 1966" has been a best seller locally.

The Board of Trustees enjoy the confidence of members with the four trustees standing for re-election being returned.

In opening the meeting and welcoming members, Neil Sharpe, pointed members to the written report for the success of the past year. He said he would restrict his remarks in the meeting to announcing three exciting pieces of news.

The start of 2018 saw the passing of the Society's two presidents, RHN "Dick" Hardy and Sir William McAlpine. The Trustees were delighted to announce that Julian Birley BEM, who steps down as chair of the NNR in September, has accepted an invitation to become the new Society President. It is wonderful to welcome such a "heavyweight" in the world of heritage rail to our ranks, especially someone who knows and loves our railway so much.

Secondly the Society has been able to add a truly East Anglian mainline locomotive to our stable, long term Colchester and Ipswich 08 D3935 / 08767. [See separate press release].

Finally - at least for the present - the Society has added an historically significant piece of rolling stock to its collection. This is LNER Thompson Brake Third dating from 1950. This was once the support coach for 60532 Blue Peter at Dinting Railway Centre, but is currently at Llangollen where its restoration is substantially complete. Once it has come to the NNR and the remaining work has been done, the coach is to be a 'special saloon' with a small bar area decked out with Festival of Britain regalia.

Verdict: a highly successful year, a bright future and a great meeting for the Society.

M&GN Society acquires a new locomotive

15th July 2018

The Society is delighted to announce the acquisition of a sixth locomotive to join its stable of four steam locos and one mainline diesel, in the form of Class 08 shunter D3935. The handover of the locomotive took place on Thursday when the loco took over pilot duties at Sheringham station from Class 11 12131.

The handover at Weybourne on July 12. Photo: Leigh Caudwell

D3935 was quickly into action during the Railway's highly successful annual Beer Festival [July 13-15] which saw restricted use of platform 2 by service trains. The loco brought trains into platform 1 once the train loco was released outside the station by Sheringham West signalbox.

Bringing D3935 back to life has been a long term project of over 20 years undertaken by previous owner, Phil Ward, who has lovingly returned the loco to "as new" condition. Phil knew the 08 well from his time at Colchester depot.

The shunter was built at Horwich in 1960-61 and first allocated North of the border to Kittybrewster [61A] in April 1961. It moved to Aberdeen (Ferryhill) [61B] in 1967 and to Thornaby in 1971, before heading to South East to Colchester in June 1972, breaking its journey briefly at Stratford.

D3935 remained a Colchester loco for the remainder of its BR service, often to be out-based at Ipswich working among other duties on the Griffon Wharf branch.

It became 08767 in February 1974 as part of BR's TOPS renumbering scheme.

It was withdrawn from service in January 1994 after almost 33 years in BR service and stored at Ipswich wagon works. It was then acquired by the North Norfolk Railway, where it worked during the 1990s before experiencing major mechanical problems. Phil Ward then bought the loco and began the project which has resulted today in such an impressive piece of work.

Neil Sharpe, Society Chairman, who drove the loco from the NNR's Weybourne depot to Sheringham on Thursday to enter service, informed members of the purchase at the Society's AGM held in Sheringham two days later, July 14. "D3935 is in superb condition following its long restoration" he said "so the Society is acquiring an almost new locomotive which will be a useful working asset to the NNR. The Trustees were keen to add a locomotive with such strong links to East Anglia to our stable as it fits the objects of the Society so well."

He told members that the purchase was made possible because of the successful year which the Society had had financially, not only through member support and income from our locomotives, but the result of a large legacy."

Trustees are also delighted that the money invested in purchasing D3935 is to be used to finance a further restoration project. "This is recycling at its best!"

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New Loco

12th July 2018

We are delighted to announce the acquisition of our 6th locomotive. We have concluded the purchase of D3935. This loco will be working as the pilot locomotive at Sheringham. D3935 will be in use this weekend as part of the beer festival bringing in the rolling stock for each train.

Photos Courtesy of Steve Allen

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The Quad Arts are back

23rd June 2018

The Quad Arts are back from their maintenance. They have had ongoing maintenance performed, and a revarnish.

Photos Courtesy of Leigh Caudwell

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Wissington passes its steam checks

17th June 2018

Wissington has successfully passed its steam checks and proving run at Beamish Museum, Wissington will be in regular use until the middle of September.

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Wissington arrives at Beamish

13th June 2018

Wissington has safely arrived at Beamish this morning and is being prepared for her fitness to run (FTR) steam checks and proving runs this weekend, in readiness for her three month stay at the museum.

Photos Courtesy of Matthew Ellis & Clare Oates.

Wissington on her travels

31st May 2018

We are pleased to confirm that the formalities around Wissington's visit to Beamish Open Air Museum (as first reported in February) have been completed. The loco will move to Durham early next month and should be in service on the museum's demonstration line after her 'fitness to run' test on 16th June. We expect her to be used on about 60 days across the summer before she returns to Norfolk in time for Members Day in October. Beamish is a wonderful museum anyway and, if you're in the area, why not pay it a visit and see how 'Wissie' is doing.

Volunteers Wanted

26th March 2018

The Society can always use extra help with its wide range of activities but here are two specific roles for which we have immediate vacancies.

We urgently need someone to help with the administration of our eBay shop - posting items for sale, processing orders and deliveries. If this is something you can help with, even for just a few hours a week, please contact our Sales Manager, John Gorton, at to introduce yourself.

Also, the William Marriott Museum at Holt would benefit from having a few more stewards to look after the museum on the days it is open and help visitors get the most from their visit. We aim to open the museum every day that the NNR runs trains. If it appeals to you to help present a magnificent collection of railway artefacts to the public, please contact our Curator, Dave King, at

Full training will be given in both roles.

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B12 at the Seven Valley Railway

21st March 2018

Please click the gallery to see a large collection of picture featuring the B12 enjoying its stay with the Seven Valley Railway.

All images were kindly supplied and copyrighted by Clive Hanley, Please visit his site here for more great images.

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Class 31 Bogies on Tour

12th March 2018

The Class 31 bogies returned from wheel turning in Birmingham last night and were unloaded this morning.. Thanks to Paul Moxon for staying late to see the lorry in and doing the thankless task of entertaining the lorry crew in the pub (!) and to Mark and Alan for doing the unloading and sheeting down (to protect the traction motors).

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Dick Hardy memorial train

12th March 2018

92203 bearing the Dick Hardy commemorative headboard:
RHN "Dick" Hardy Railway Engineer 1923 - 2018

Richard's funeral will take place on Tues March 13 at Amersham. The Society will be represented by Treasurer Tony Dewey. Thanks to Leigh Caudwell for the photograph.

Joint Line Delayed

7th March 2018

The production of the spring issue of Joint Line has been delayed by the bad weather in Norfolk recently. Consequently members should start to receive it early next week.

The sad news about our two joint presidents, Richard Hardy and William McAlpine, was announced after it was 'passed for press' but obituaries will appear in the summer issue.

Of particular importance is that with this issue is a letter from the chairman, Neil Sharpe, about the need for you to contact the Society should you wish to receive emails from us about events and other news. This is to comply with new legislation. Full details are in the letter and on page 3 of the magazine.

Great Central Railway and B12

1st March 2018

The programme Inside Out, a news show for BBC 1 East and West Midlands, carried a story about possible reopening of the Leicester to Burton line to passenger services. Some of it was filmed at the Great Central Railway and featured shots of the B12 arriving at one of the Stations. This is available on the BBC iPlayer here (the article starts at 11 minutes in).

North Norfolk Railway Weather Update

1st March 2018

Due to the current weather conditions we are experiencing on the North Norfolk coast and the further forecast of heavy snow at the weekend, we will not be running any trains over the weekend, 3rd & 4th March, the Dick Hardy Memorial train will now run on Sunday 11th March.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Richard Hardy

20th February 2018

We are sadden to be informed of the passing of Richard (Dick) Hardy, one of our joint presidents. M&GN Joint Railway Society wishes to express our condolences to his family and all those who knew him.

Please see the official press release here

Dick pictured in October 2012 at Sheringham on the running plate of the Society's B12 locomotive, with fellow retired railwaymen [left to right]: David Butcher, Bob Bane, Dick Hardy and the late Ron Bowyer [Society Vice President]

Picture by Roseanne Bowyer.

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GER 853 Update

13th February 2018

The GER 853 is now back on its under-frame and is the first time in 91 years that it has been on its own set of wheels. This is after 2 years 4 months of restoration on the body so far. The under-frame was released from the body eleven months ago and has been de-rusted, then painted, the wheels and braking system have also been added.

Photos Courtesy of Peter Bedell and Nigel Scarlett.

Heritage Railway Award

12th February 2018


Second place in the Heritage Railway Coiley Locomotive Engineering Award for the restoration of our WD. Photography from Keith who represented the huge team who did the work and all the kind donators at the ceremony. The award is shared with North Norfolk Railway PLC who performed the high standard restoration.

Congratulations to the A1 trust on winning.


9th February 2018

Finally, we have forged links with yet another railway and have had an enquiry from Beamish Museum in County Durham for the hire of Wissington for three months through the summer. Draft contracts have been sent and it looks like the deal is 99.9% done. It will involve around 60 steamings which will bring in enough cash to pay for the new tyres and, as Engineer Keith Ashford so eloquently put it "leave enough change for a bag of chips". Thanks must go to volunteer Rob Gibbons for introducing us to Beamish and to Keith for negotiating the deal. The loco will go directly to Durham following the completion of its contract with Colne Valley.

B12 Update

29th January 2018

For those that missed the B12 at the Great Central Gala, she will be running next weekend the 3rd and 4th February before departing for the Severn Valley Railway. While at the Severn Valley Railway she is scheduled to run over two weekends prior to their Gala which is over the 16/17 & 18th March. All of course subject to the usual of nothing going wrong.

Society Vice President

9th January 2018

We are sad to share that Ron Bowyer one of our Vice Presidents passed away on Saturday aged 84. The society wishes to express our sympathy to his family, his knowledge and experience will be greatly missed.

He was a British Railways driver in the steam era and subsequently a volunteer NNR driver. He and his wife Roseanne were the pioneers almost single-handedly of the early NNR '40s' Weekend. Apart from the organisation of it they could be seen over the weekend each playing their musical organs. Ron took a turn as Society Chairman in the early 2000s.

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