Freight & Goods Wagons

Our collection of freight vehicles of all eras and liveries that form our demonstration freight trains.

The movement of freight by rail across the British Isles was the core staple for the railways. They were designated 'common carriers' until subsequent ammendents in the 1953 Transport Act enabled the railways to refuse the conveyance of unprofitable goods. From the conception of the railway, they have always moved vast tonnages of raw materials - coal and minerals forming a large part of this traffic until the 1960s when traffic began to decline. Fish, newspapers, parcels, petroleum and aggregates were all regularly carried by rail, along with more specialist traffics.


The M&GN Joint Railway Society actively works to preserve and most importantly, operate a wide variety of vehicles associated with rail transport and particularly vehicles that relate to East Anglia and the former M&GN lines. The process to restore freight and goods wagons ensures the preservation of not only the vehicles themselves, but the skills in operating and maintaining the vehicles that would otherwise be lost.


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