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M&GN Joint Railway Society Preserving east anglian railway history
M&GN Joint Railway
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Freight Wagon List

Vintage Vehicles:

Colman's Van, no.53 (GER 4807).

Built: 1908, Harrison & Camm, Rotherham.

M&GN Brake Van, no.12.

Built: 1881, BRCW.

GER Cattlebox no.9. (LNER 633023)

Built: 1888. Converted to Fruit Van No.1583 1910.



Esso Tanker, 163058.

Built: 1942, Hurst Nelson.

Shell/BP Tanker, 164696.

Built: 1944, Hurst Nelson.


Brake and Freight Vans:

LMS 20T Brake Van, DB950133.

Built: 1949, BR Wolverton.

LMS 12T Vanfit, 514207.

Built: 1940, LMS Wolverton.

BR Vanwide, B783071.

Built: 1962, BR Wolverton.

SR PMV, S1476.

Built: 1951, BR Wolverton.

GWR Fruit D, W92097W.

Built 1958, BR Swindon.


Other Wagons:

GWR Loriot N Lowmac, 904093.

Built: 1949, BR Swindon.

BR 13T Pipe Wagon, KDB740918.

Built: 1954, BR Wolverton.

BR 16T Mineral Wagon, B558090

Built: 1957, Pressed Steel.

BR Conflat, B502824

Built: 1958, Pressed Steel.
(With Birdseye liveried 'AF' Container AF65970B as load)

BR Pipe Wagon, PR4228

Built: 1969, Standard Wagon Co. Heywood Works.

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The movement of freight by rail across the British Isles was the core staple for the railways. They were designated 'common carriers' until subsequent ammendents in the 1953 Transport Act enabled the railways to refuse the conveyance of unprofitable goods.

From the conception of the railway, they have always moved vast tonnages of raw materials - coal and minerals forming a large part of this traffic until the 1960s when traffic began to decline. Fish, newspapers, parcels, petroleum and aggregates were all regularly carried by rail, along with more specialist traffics.

The M&GN Joint Railway Society actively works to preserve and most importantly, operate a wide variety of vehicles associated with rail transport and particularly vehicles that relate to East Anglia and the former M&GN lines. The process to restore freight and goods wagons ensures the preservation of not only the vehicles themselves, but the skills in operating and maintaining the vehicles that would otherwise be lost.

/images/rollingstock/Birdseye Conflat 500px.jpg

(Above: BR Conflat, B502824 with 'AF' Container AF65970B. Owen Bushell)

/images/rollingstock/Colemans Sold.jpg

(Above: The team from the charity SOLD (Special Objectives for Local Disabled), who restored our 1908 Colman's Mustard van in Lowestoft. Chris Green)

/images/rollingstock/MGN Brake 500px.jpg

(Above: M&GN Brake Van no.12 Steve Allen)

/images/rollingstock/BP Tanker 500px.jpg

(Above: Restored BP/Shell Tanker no.164696 Steve Allen)


M&GN Small Crest
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The Midland and Great Northern Joint Railway Society is the supporting charity of (and major shareholder in) the North Norfolk Railway, which operates a 5¼ mile heritage railway from Sheringham to Holt.

The Society actively works to preserve, display and operate a wide range of historical artefacts which include four steam locomotives and many unique carriages and wagons.

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