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90775 Boiler Work Continues

Work at Chatham Steam Ltd in Kent continues at a rapid pace, with the arrival of newly formed replacement sections for the boiler barrel and firebox of the M&GN Joint Railway Society's WD 2-10-0, 90775.

Due to wastage in various areas, several repairs are being made to ensure 90775's boiler has a long life. Following a 'D' cut in the smokebox end of the boiler barrel, a replacement section has been rolled to specification. New sections have also arrived for the inner firebox corner and throat plate.

The boiler overhaul for 90775 is a massive undertaking for the M&GN Joint Railway Society. We'll need your help to see the job through. There are several ways you can support us:

- Make a donation (cheques payable to "M&GNJRS")

- Join the M&GN Joint Railway Society

- Join the Loco Club.

- Volunteer.

We're always welcome to helping hands, be it in fundraising or undertaking mechanical work. Go to the Volunteering page under 'About' to find out more.

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