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COVID-19 Update

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

We have sent an email out to all members. In short the NNR has closed the railway to access for everyone volunteers or other wise. This means that all of our work at NNR is stopped. We have also had to shut the eBay shop as we do not have access to stock. Your Trustees will try and run the Society as normally as possible in these restrictive times and hope you will bear with us if things take slightly longer than normal to respond to. All of your trustees have either telephone numbers or e mail addresses on the back page of Joint Line so do please contact them if you have any questions about what is happening with regard to our current emergency policies. This also means that our revenue from steamings has halted. In case you feel able to donate more, and you know the Society will put all it receives it to good use, here is the link to our donations page:-

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