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Ring Haw Boiler Update

News from Weybourne Shed

One of the major tasks identified in the overhaul of Ring Haw's boiler was the need to replace the old deformed copper tube nest in the inner firebox. Work earlier this week saw a further stage of this work completed with the metalwork sliced along a crescent line below the bottom row of tube holes and above the lower section of the tubeplate. (That section is still in good condition.)

All the old rivets in the lap seam around the tube nest had already been carefully removed, and then earlier this week the boiler shop team achieved a significant milestone in the overhaul by physically removing the old tube nest from the tubeplate.


This now allows the final trimming of the remaining section of the tubeplate in order that the required dimensions and profile for the new tube nest insert can be developed ahead of a former being made, ready for when the new tube nest copper plate edges have been machined to required thicknesses ahead of the lap flanges being formed.

The photograph below shows the cut out line and the lap rivets removed.


Below shows the Tube nest cut free and ready for removal. The boiler is resting on its side.

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