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Sheringham East Signal Box Moved

After months of planning and thanks to a donation from a volunteer, Sheringham East signalbox has finally been moved from platform two on Sheringham station to a new and final resting place atop a new brick base very near to it's original location.

Sheringham originally had only one signalbox, which was a tall structure located on platform two alongside the adjacent buildings. After later remodelling, Sheringham gained two signalboxes, named Sheringham East and Sheringham West. Sheringham West 'box was situated close to where the existing Sheringham West signalbox now stands (the existing structure was reclaimed from Wensum Jnc, Norwich). Sheringham East 'box controlled a set of wooden gates worked by a gate wheel over Station Road. The double track station lines were worked under 'Absolute Block' regulations, with the lines towards Cromer and Melton Constable being worked by Electric Token Block.

After BR closed Sheringham station, Sheringham East 'box was under threat, so volunteers moved it to Platform two in 1972, where it has since stood for just over forty years. As the next stage of the level crossing reinstatement, it was decided to move the 'box back closer to its original position. The current site inside the new crossing gates was chosen as it met the balance of historical authenticity versus general practicality, added to the fact that the new crossing gates were already in situ and would be expensive and costly to move.

Sheringham East signalbox was first craned onto a low loader, which drove the 500 yards towards the new site, where the crane was set up again to lift it onto the base. As the lorry moved the 'box towards the new site, a new arrival in the form of the tender from Standard 4MT 76084 arrived, which will be transported to Weybourne works to finish outstanding work.

The 'box will requires some repairs and will be restored and repainted in due course. The joinery firm Northmark (who built the replica crossing gates) has been tasked with construction of a new set of 'box stairs.

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