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Y14:2014 Appeal Launched

The M&GN Joint Railway Society has launched an appeal, which will raise funds for the overhaul of the Society's Great Eastern Railway built 0-6-0.

TheJ15's"ticket" expired in May and the overhaul of 7564 began in July with the locomotive moving to Ian Riley's workshops in Bury, Lancashire where the engine is in the early stages of overhaul.

TheY14:2014 Appealhas been launched by Society Chairman Neil Sharpe to raise funds to allow the overhaul to be completed in good time - with sufficient funds, the locomotive could be completed by the end of 2014. If funds are not raised, then the overhaul could be much more protracted, being funded by conventional membership subscriptions and contributions from the J15 '200' Club and Loco Club.

The aim of the appeal is to return the J15 to steam, but with several important physical differences, which will give the appearance of a Great Eastern Railway Y14, looking as if she had just rolled out the factory 101 years ago at Stratford in 1912. After several years, she will be reliveried into LNER livery, with GER modifications removed for the remainder of her ticket to be spent in British Railways colours.

In order for us to achieve this and let the J15 steam for another ten years, we ask all members and supporters of our favourite little 0-6-0 to dig deep into their pockets to raise £100,000 for the overhaul.

There are a number of incentivised benefits for supporters of the appeal - you can find out more information on a newdedicated pagefor the Y14:2014 appeal, where supporters can also keep track on how the appeal is going.

If you would like to support the appeal, donation forms can bedownloaded here.

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