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Tony Dewey

Company Secretary and Treasurer

On leaving school, I thought I was set for a career in agriculture. I spent five years involved in collecting and processing farming statistics and with a newly-formed farm planning consultancy. But through business studies courses I got interested in accountancy and after obtaining an ‘A’ level in the subject, proceeded to study for an accountancy qualification. Struggling to make sense with the auditing papers, I joined a local firm of chartered accountants in 1967 and the practical experience helped me to qualify in 1972 as what is now known as a chartered certified accountant. I became an audit manager, senior manager, technical committee chairman and made partner in 1992. I specialised in audit and accounts of charities and other not-for-profit sectors and some farmers. I retired in 2010 after forty three years. I have been involved with the Society since 1996, initially with B12 clubs and becoming Trustee/Council Member and Treasurer in 2003. I represent the Society at NNR Board. I am an NNR volunteer fireman. Aside from my passionate interest in railways from an early age, I also enjoy gardening, walking and music.
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