Our Volunteers



Listed below is a list of the volunteers whose contribution is invaluable to us. They are listed alphabetically and in no order of preference at all.

Anne Hadley
Benjamin Boggis
Bernard Clarke
Bernard Leighton
Brian Ashby
Brian Stephenson
Carol Kisis
Catherine Roffey
Chris Moxon
Clive Hughes
Coral Gillipspie
David B  Wright
David Palmer
Graeme Wigglesworth
Harry Hammond
Ian Redhead
Jackie Bedell
James Quinlan
John Blake
John Collier
John Gorton
John Randell
Judy Speed
Keith Bonson
Keith Horobin
Ken Barker
Leigh Caudwell
Martin Symes
Matt Peacock
Mick Phillips
Mike Hadley
Nigel Scarlett
Owen Bushell
Paul Moxon
Peter Bedell
Peter Leney
Peter Turl
Peter Williams
Phil Owers 
Ross McKenzie
Simon Roffey
Steve Eagling
Steve Kane
Steve Squires
Stuart Clarke
Sue Roberts
Tony Smith
Will Day

As well as everyone we have forgotten.

And to everyone we have forgotten please get in touch.