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M&GN Brake riding van No12

Built by BRCW Birmingham Railway Carriage Works 1881. The body minus verandas and toolbox was a grounded body at Thursford where it had been since being withdrawn in 1945.

This vehicle which was only used during break downs or emergencies probably stayed in the siding by the turntable at Melton Constable for most of its life, which may explain why it lasted until 1945 in railway service.



The body has been placed on a 1949 BR Darlington built pipe wagon chassis KDB 740481 which has been shortened to the length of the brake van. Only No.12’s two lower boards all round was rotten, which is a remarkable achievement for a wooden vehicle that has been outside all its life and is over 125 years old! A new floor, veranda and toolbox were rebuilt to return the van to original condition. Inside a bit of guess work was involved, from the walls it appeared there were benches around the edge also there were screw holes for 12 coat hooks. Thus, benches were built around the edge for 12 people with the hand brake fitted in the centre, the hole in the roof for the stove decided where the fire was located.


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