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16t mineral wagon B558090

Built by Pressed Steel 1957 - MISSION IMPOSSIBLE! In 16 months, this wagon was turned around from rusty wreck to restored example with a dummy load of granite chippings.

When it arrived, the comments were did not the scrap man want it, 2-ton mineral wagon, with no floor and the bottom of the sides rusted out it was a very sorry sight. It was taken to bits the body side came off in four parts, the under frame was stripped bare, one head stock and 18” of end frame removed grit blasted painted and reassembled. The coats of paint are probably the first since the early 80s now it is difficult to remember how bad it was.


This wagon survived at Kings Lynn on the Harbour Branch long after the freight line had been pulled up, sitting on the ground with a willow tree growing through the middle.


The reason it was left behind, was due to it having been there since 1984 used as an extra buffer stop. This was because Dalgety’s were then using Poly bulk wagons which had weak handbrakes and it was a downward slope towards the road. The wagon was issued an internal user number 041681 but never carried. So, when the siding was lifted, to move the wagon it was unlikely to have passed a fitness to run exam, so was left behind.

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