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2-10-0 Boiler Gets New Firebox

The boiler overhaul of the Society's War Department (WD)2-10-0 Austerity 90775has been marching on with good pace at the workshops of Chatham Steam Ltd in Kent.

Much of the work completed in recent weeks has focused on the outer firebox. Large sections of new plate have been constructed, replacing metal that was found to be deeply pitted and corroded. Whilst the works are extensive, this will ensure the locomotive boiler has a long life ahead of it when it returns to traffic.

The most recent photos, which can be viewed by clicking the thumbnail to the left, show the massive new section of outer firebox wrapper and firehole door under construction, along with photos of the new firebox corner sections and the whole lot being craned into position, ready to be welded in situ.

The Society has made a major commitment to overhauling WD 90775. We are always grateful of donations to support the cost of 90775's overhaul and welcome supporters to commit to joiningThe Loco Club. The club is an excellent way to support the Society's locomotives without breaking the bank and ensures a regular income to pay for maintenance and overhauls.

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