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AF Container Restoration

Work has begun on the overhaul and restoration of our original British Railways 'AF' container, as part of our ongoing goods train project.

'AF' containers were traditionally carried upon conflat wagons - we have already restored one such example, this being completed between 2011 and 2012. The conflat was the forerunner to the modern freightliner train, and one of the first examples of using standardised containers to carry bulk goods.

Our container was brought to the NNR from the Buckinghamshire Railway Museum at Quainton Road, near Aylesbury but restoration has now only taken place after the completion and release into traffic of the 16T mineral wagon. Now this project is complete, we are able to proceed.

The original wooden structure of the container was found to be completely rotten to the core. It was decided that it would be best to construct a whole new all-steel skeleton structure, rather than rebuild like for like to ensure longevity. All original aluminium sheeting has been saved from the original strucure along with all fixtures and fittings. Once the container is complete, it will be housed atop the conflat wagon and will also offer a small amount of storage space for lightweight items.

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