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Appeal Passes First Quarter

TheY14:2014 Appealhas breached another milestone - in less than three weeks, £25,000 has now been raised for the overhaul of J15 7564, which will see her returned to steam with the appearance of a Great Eastern Railway Y14.

Thank you to all who have so far donated to the appeal. To those of you who have yet to do so, please consider digging into your pockets to give whatever you can, so we can return the M&GN Joint Railway Society's oldest steam locomotive to the rails to steam again for ten more years.

The overhaul of the J15 is already underway at Ian Riley's Bury workshops in Lancashire, but we need to raise a further £75,000 to ensure the overhaul can be completed. They are making good progress on the overhaul, and a selection of photographs showing work to date can be viewed by clicking the thumbnail, left.

If you would like to support theY14:2014 Appeal, you canMake a Donation. Leaflets can be picked up on the North Norfolk Railway which contain details on our plans for overhaul. Alternatively, you can consider joining the SocietyLoco Clubto show your support.

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