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B12 Chassis and Tender on the Move to Riley & Son (E)

On Monday (17th April), immediately after the end of the Spring Steam Festival, the B12 began its journey to Riley’s Heywood Locomotive Works behind the Weybourne Yard Shunter.

The following series of photographs record its journey down the line to Sheringham behind our D3935 (Photograph by Michael Wells)., its loading onto the heavy haulage trailers operated by S A Smith, the Society’s appointed contractor, and finally its arrival in Heywood.

Courtesy of Riley & Sons there are also a few shots inside their works showing that they have lost no time on the initial work of lifting and separating the wheels and tender.

To help support this overhaul you can either make a 1 off donation at:

Or join the loco club to get more information earlier and more pictures is our update emails and private facebook group:

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