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Brief History of Sheringham East

The relocation of Sheringham East signalbox back to Station Road forms the most recent part of an interesting history of signalling at Sheringham.

Sheringham Station was first opened on the 16th June 1887 by the Eastern and Midlands Railway. The E&M later amalgamated to become the M&GN Joint Railway. Initially Sheringham station was controlled by one central signalbox located on platform two. As traffic increased, the Sheringham station layout was remodelled and resignalled in 1906. Under this scheme, two signalboxes were constructed. Sheringham West controlled the entrance to the single line section that led to Weybourne, Holt and Melton Constable and worked with Weybourne signalbox, or Holt if Weybourne was switched out.

Sheringham East signalbox was built at the same time and controlled the entrance to the single line section towards Cromer. Initially the box worked with Runton West Junction, then Runton East Junction after the closure of the Runton triangle before finally working with Cromer Beach signalbox after resignalling at Cromer. The East 'box also controlled the wooden gates by a gate wheel over Station Road.

In 1966, BR closed both Sheringham station and Sheringham East box, with train services terminating at a new wooden platform built on the Cromer side of the road. This is the platform which serves trains on the national network and services began using this station in January 1967.

Following closure, the council wished to widen station road. It was at this time that Sheringham East signalbox was saved from demolition and in July 1972 volunteers from the North Norfolk Railway moved it to the site on platform two. The signalbox has stood at this location for just over forty years and until 2011 was open as a museum signalbox, complete with the original frame and block instruments. After planning and construction of a new brick base, the signalbox was moved to the new location by the rebuilt Sheringham level crossing where it will stand for years to come.

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