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Whilst a lot of the Society’s resources are applied towards restoring and maintaining its significant collection of locos and rolling stock, we do try to support other heritage railway initiatives where we can. The Society can make grants available to projects that are consistent with its own charitable objects. Last year, we received a grant application from the Birmingham Rail Car Work Group who are restoring a Class 104 DMU set for use on the NNR. The Group has made great strides towards completing the unpowered trailer and the Society was delighted to be able to fund the purchase of timber to complete the veneer paneling which was such a distinctive feature of the 2nd class areas of 104 sets. The grant was made out of contributions to the Diesel Club. As can be seen from the photos, that paneling has now been fitted and looks splendid. We wish the Birmingham Rail Car Work Group every success as they get the vehicle ready to enter service with the NNR and in progressing the restoration of the driving trailer.

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