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Freeze on Y14

Don't worry - nothing is on hold for the overhaul of our J15/Y14 locomotive! In fact it's quite the contrary, because brand new parts for our J15 7564 / Y14 564 loco have been in the chiller to continue with the fast pace of works on the overhaul of the loco.

The engine, which has been under overhaul at the Riley & Son (E) workshops of Bury, Lancashire has had new cylinder liners fitted this week. This dramatic process involves cooling the spun cast liners in liquid nitrogen, which has a boiling point of -196 degrees C (−321 degrees F). This extreme cooling allows the liners to sufficiently contract, allowing them to be slid into position inside the cylinder casting.

The operation is one of skill, good judgement and quick timing, for if the liners warm sufficiently, they become wedged inside the cylinder bores and the only way to remove them is by machining them out and starting from scratch. Needless to say, the operation to fit new liners to the J15 / Y14 was a successful operation.

A full set of photographs covering the operation can be viewed by clicking the thumbnail, left - and you can also watch a short video of the work on Youtube or on our Y14:2014 appeal page.

The appeal total for the Y14:2014 appeal stands at over £70,000 - and donations are still coming in thick and fast, helping us reach ever nearer to our £100,000 target. Help us achieve our goal and get the Y14 back in steam for 2014 by donating today.

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