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Iron Horse Appeal

Appeal Benefits

All appeal supporters who donate by monthly standing order will become honorary members of the Loco Club for the duration of their support.

All appeal supporters will be invited to travel behind the engine on a specially arranged day to officially launch it into traffic.

All appeal supporters who donate over £100 in a twelve month period will receive a limited edition line drawing print of the engine.


In 1943 the Railway Executive Committee needed a new design of locomotive that was simple and economic to construct, maintain and operate. The Second World War had brought full austerity and materials were scarce. With invasion plans being drawn up, more engines were needed, and fast.

The War Department (WD) settled upon two variants of the same design. 935 of a 2-8-0 and 150 of a 2-10-0 design were built and both saw use across Britain, Europe and North Africa. They were rugged machines, only expected to last five years.

The M&GN Joint Railway Society's locomotive, Ministry of Supply No.3652 emerged from the North British Railway works in Glasgow in December 1943. It was almost immediately shipped out to liberated North Africa to service the Allied advance on Italy.

Now, 72 years later with the engine back in the UK, we are working hard to return this workhorse of the war effort to steam again. The overhaul is well underway, however, we need one final fundraising push to finish the job.

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