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J15 Swan Song

Despite it being published that the J15's last steamings would be from the 20th - 26th April, there will now be one more week to see her in service before her boiler ticket expires on the 6th May 2013.

The North Norfolk Railway have requested the locomotive be in traffic right up to the end of her ticket. Subject to completion of a washout and successful steam test, it is aimed to have the locomotive in traffic on Wednesday 1st May (please note this may be pushed back to Thursday 2nd May - check the with the NNR if traveling) through until Monday 6th May.

The NNR are running a Yellow Timetable throughout early May, however please note that the 4th, 5th & 6th May will be a 'Day out with Thomas' event.

After expiry of her boiler ticket, the J15 will be withdrawn for a heavy general overhaul. If you'd like to help support the cost her overhaul, you can do this in one of several ways:

- Make a donation (cheques payable to 'M&GNJRS')

- Join the J15 '200' Club

- Join the Loco Club

- Volunteer with the Society

Information on the J15 '200' Club and Loco Club can be found under the Join page and information on Volunteering can be found under the About section.

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