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‘Joint Line’ Editor Vacancy

This volunteer post will become vacant next summer so the Society is looking for a deputy editor to take over the full editor’s role next year. Full support will be given to the autumn of 2023. Most of the work can be done from home on a modern PC or Apple computer. Suitable Adobe and Microsoft software is provided by the Society.

The role has three main strands – commissioning and editing articles, layout of the magazine and photo preparation for printing.

The majority of the journal comes from regular contributors who send in articles and photos during a two week period up to the copy deadline (which is determined by the editor). The historical section is normally put together as and when over the course of the preceding two to three months prior to the copy deadline.

One week for finishing the layout and finalising the job for printing is built into the schedule.

If this type of work interests you then email Richard Spicker, the Society Secretary, at to include any relevant experience. The role could be fulfilled by two or three people if your preference is to be responsible for just one area of the work.

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