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Wissington First Passenger Trains

A momentous step inWissington's history occured on 27th July 2012, after she hauled her first passenger train in preservation on the Mid-Suffolk Light Railway at Brockford.

Preceeding this, for ten years a group of volunteers have soldiered to rebuild Wissington from a kit of parts. Costing £70,000,Wissington's overhaul began ten years ago. After being towed to Weybourne, in 1998, the locomotive was dismantled. After fundraising, the boiler and chassis were taken to Mervyn Mayes boilershop at Yaxham. After the boiler passed a series of examinations, the engine arrived back in Sheringham in December 2010 and was moved to Weybourne to complete the restoration.

Following some test runs on the NNR, the locomotive narrowly met it's request to work on the MSLR and worked passenger, freight and engineering trains during the MSLR's first ever Steam Gala on the 27th, 28th & 29th July. Wissington will then stay at 'The Middy' for the remainder of the year as the line provides a perfect opportunity for the loco to be run in.

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