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Wissington on the 'Middy'

East Anglia's last working steam locomotive, Hudswell-Clarke 0-6-0 saddle tankWissingtonwill be running regularly in August on the Mid-Suffolk Light Railway.

The MSLR or 'Middy' is located near to Stowmarket, on the former Mid-Suffolk branch. The charming little station of Brockford is the setting for the Railway, which operates a half mile demonstration line. You can find out more about the 'Middy' via theMSLR website.

Wissingtonwill be steaming every Wednesday and Sunday, along with additional dates on Thursday 15th and Monday 26th August. Over the back end of the August Bank Holiday weekend, the MSLR will be holding their annialRail 'n' Aleevent on Sunday 25th and Monday 26th.

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