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GER 853 Update October 2017

A major mile stone on the underframe of GER 853 was reached this week in six months we have gone from a rusty underframe with no wheels. To an underframe painted, wheeled and with the final the spring mounts being fitted this week, enabled it to be moved on its own wheels for the first time in 90 years. The underframe was then moved down the shed 10 feet to enable the continuous draw gear to be slid in from the Holt end then the underframe was pushed back to near the body. The continuous draw gear was completed by the addition of the centre cage with the rubbers and the draw hooks the assembly was then tensioned by the adjusting nuts. From the photos you can see the handbrake column in place with the bevel gear mechanism bolted on to the underframe. Still a long way to go before the body can be refitted but a very positive point in the restoration.

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