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Wagon and Torpedo

The Royal Navy Armaments Depot 269 wagon built 1940 has been completed ready for the freight train, this was purchased several years ago as a underframe for M&GN No 12 brake van.

When the lorry delivered it to the NNR at Sheringham GER 853 was on the PMV Flat and the M&GN No3 Picnic saloon was a grounded body, we decided to make the saloon mobile so the GER 853 was swopped to the RNAD 269 wagon and the saloon to the PMV flat.

Once the bodies were swopped we realised the RNAD wagon was the perfect length for GER 853 so the plan was changed and eventually we used one of the two pipe wagons for the underframe for M&GN No12 brake van.

When eventually we started GER 853 the original frame was discovered to be in better condition than first thought, so the RNAD frame was now surplus so the decision was taken to paint in RNAD livery for the freight train.

Oxford blue was the chosen colour, and as it was built for the propellant factory in Caewent Mon a suitable load was decided upon, as all MOD projects this was done in total secrecy until completion.

A 21 foot torpedo built from plywood and wooden slats covered in thin steel sheet with a mock propeller end and a hot water cylinder as a nose cone covered in car body filler to add to the effect.

This has been loaded on the wagon on wooden segments with 3 double chains and an end stop (in case of violent shunting!) the chains ex Hither Green Southern region were out of our spares stock which only came to light recently during a sort out.

At present we are awaiting confirmation for an order for 50 of these torpedo's for North Korea.

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