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September Update on Gresley Braked Third Open 43556

Work is progressing well at Lee Sharpes work shop, the coach has been stripped back with all the rotten wood and woodworm affected areas removed.

The scale at the end between the underframe and body has been removed, all the corner brackets on the frame have been removed and a start has been made fitting new corner brackets.

Around half of the frame work has been de nailed sanded and painted in Aluminium wood primer. The three lower roof boards have been removed both sides to allow new stainless steel tie bars to be fitted

replacing the rusted originals. One corridor end face plate removed, the hand brake column removed, plus the guards cupboard removed plus all doors removed.

This restoration is being funded by the late Keith Porter’s legacy, but at present it looks like by the estimated cost of the restoration it is going to exceed the £75,000 so any donations towards the restoration would be greatly appreciated by donating to the JHCF.

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