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Thumbs up from Captain Birdseye!

Captain Birdseye made an appearance at the North Norfolk Railway's Spring Steam Gala to help launch the newly overhauled Birdseye liveried 'AF' container into traffic.

Sitting atop a 'Conflat' wagon, the container has been effectively been built from scratch, with some of the fittings salvaged from an original 'AF' container the M&GN Joint Railway Society aquired from the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre. Early on in the overhaul, it was found that it was not feasable to restore the original, so a plan was hatched to make one from scratch, led by the multi-skilled band of Society Carriage & Wagon volunteers.

The decision was made to paint it in the Birdseye livery, because these were used extensively on fish trains between Yarmouth South Town and Lowestoft to London. All lettering on the vehicle has been painstakingly hand painted by master signwriter Brian Ashby.

It was seen across the NNR over the Spring gala weekend, marshalled in the ever growing demonstration freight train.

If you would like to support projects such as this, and other Carriage and Wagon overhauls, please join theJoint Heritage Coach Fund

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