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WD 90775 Progress at Weybourne

Exciting developments have taken place over the past few weeks with the arrival of 90775's chassis into Weybourne workshops to allow assessment of the locomotive chassis to take place.

This has been proceeded by the arrival of 90775's boiler from the former Chatham Steam workshops in Kent to Weybourne following the North Norfolk Railway's acquisition of Chatham Steam. Much work has already been carried out on the boiler, with large sections of replacement platework already in place to give the boiler a new lease of life. Work is already underway on the construction of a new smokebox, which will be built from more durable material than the original which is now life expired after vastly outstretching it's original design lifetime!

The chassis inspection will be followed by the overhaul of the locomotive chassis, so that the overhauled boiler can then be placed on the frames to allow the overhaul to be completed. It is anticipated that work on all locomotive axleboxes will be required, along with any other work which will be identified by the assessment.

You can support the ongoing work on 90775 by joining the Society'sLoco Club- the contributions of members have already allowed this advance progress to be achieved on the overhaul, so if you would like to see 90775 return to steam sooner rather than later, please join. It costs less than a pint of beer a month to be a member!

All photographs are copyright Steve Allen.

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