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Wissington Specials

We are pleased to announce that we will be running THREE special "Wissington" Days on the run up to Members' Day.

These are scheduled for 30th September and 1st/2nd October. and will run as follows

10.56 - Sheringham - Weyboune

11.41 - Weybourne - Sheringham

12.26 - Sheringham - Weybourne

13.11 - Weybourne - Sheringham

13.56 - Sheringham - Weybourne

14.41 - Weybourne - Sheringham

Fares will be 50p per journey on top of the normal Day Rover ( Full price or "Priv" rate) which will be collected by the guard on the train.

The train will comprise the Pigeon Van, The Picnic Saloon, 129 and "Irene". (subject to confirmation by NNR Ops. Dept)