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Y14:2014 Appeal May Update

If you had thought that progress on the restoration of our J15 locomotive to the guise of a GER Y14 had slowed, you would be wrong! It's been a while since the last update on the progress of theY14:2014 Appealand since then two things have happened: work has increased at an ever quickening pace on the locomotive, with more staff now assigned to the overhaul and appeal donations continue to come in at a near daily rate, helping push the appeal total ever nearer the £70,000 milestone and £100,000 total.

We still have a massive task ahead of us. This overhaul is the most comprehensive the locomotive has ever received in preservation and is possibly the most comprehensive overhaul since she was built 102 years ago in 1912. Quite literally every nut, bolt and rivet is being replaced - and that is no exaggeration.

Click on the thumbnail, left, to see some of the most recent in the works photos and view more at the bottom of theappeal page. Work to date includes:

- Boiler work has begun. After assessment the boiler inspector reports that the engine does not need retubing.

- Tender frame and loco driving wheel painting is complete.

- Aesthetically, reproduction safety chains have been added to the rear bufferbeam.

- Work to repaint the frames and motion into 'Primrose' Yellow is underway.

- The new profile cab roof is taking shape.

- An entirely new bufferbeam is ready for riveting in place in the traditional manner.

The above list is just but a small glimpse into the hundreds of tasks which have already been undertaken, representing months of work on the locomotive. This has all been possiblethanks to the generosity of our members and supporters who have already donatedto the appeal. We cannot thank you enough for your support so far, it has been fantastic.

If you have not yet donated to the appeal,NOW is the time to do soif you wish to help us achieve our target to have our Y14 in steam by the end of the year. This is still achievable, but only if we can complete the appeal.

How to help us today:

-Download and send offa donation form to make either a single donation or set up a monthly standing order.

-Visit our Online Shopto make a one-off single donation. (Please note a £1 P&P charge will be added, which we cannot remove.)

-Join the Loco Cluband select the J15/Y14 on your application.

Thank you for your support.

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