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B12 Overhaul Message from the President

A Message from the President

B12 8572 is the only operational inside cylinder 4-6-0 express locomotive. That beautiful design is like no other and to see her at speed hauling expresses between London and Norwich was a sight to behold.

Exactly sixty years ago she was withdrawn from traffic by British Railways and was due to follow her class mates to come under the cutters torch.

By a stroke of fortune she had caught the eye of Norwich shed master at the time and he was instrumental in hiding her at Stratford until such time as the M&GN Society bought her in 1963.

Returned to traffic in 1995 8572 has entertained and brought pleasure to countless thousands of visitors all over the UK. She even ran again on the main line in 2000 at the wonderful event: Steam on the Met.

Now over half a century after her first withdrawal her time has come again to be for her to be taken out of traffic.

During her last period of service she has been cared for and maintained by a dedicated team of engineers and crews. But the time has come for her ten year overhaul. We have all the skills and resources to do the work required but, with everything precious, it comes at a price.

As members of the M&GN Society she is your engine so please help her to return to traffic as quickly as possible by showing your support and donating to help get the work done.

In 2028 8572 will be one hundred years old so let’s all help her steam into her second century.

Thank you very much.

Julian Birley BEM

You can easily show support by donating via

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